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So I bought my very first tree for myself. I wasn't too sure if I was going to this year or not. I had thought of getting a real one as I love having a real Christmas tree but with both myself and my roommate Sean going out of town for Christmas I decided against it. And I wasn't sure if I would get a fake one either. I wanted to get a pre lit one as I was not about to mess around with lights and such. And most of the really gorgeous ones are insanely expensive unless you wait until December 26th. And well, again, I'm going to be out of town.

But then it was my mama to the rescue! She called me last Friday from Wal Mart and mentioned that they had some very reasonable prices on trees. So Sunday I went down and found my tree. I got a 6 1/2 foot pre lit Colorado Pine tree and it's really not that bad looking. Especially once all the decorations are on it. *g* I've always wanted to decorate a tree around a color scheme and I finally got to do that this year. It's crimson and gold. Why yes, I am a USC fan. Why do you ask? *g* I also managed to find a gorgeous tree skirt as well. I'm really quite pleased with how well it turned out.

And here are some pics so you can see for youself. :)

The whole tree
Don't mind the end of the ribbon on the floor. *g*>
The tree topper This came out a little fuzzy so you can't really see the glittery detailing on it but it's really very pretty.
A closer look at the ornaments

And a meme snagged from belicat

What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are about emotional connections and bonds. You are happiest being around those you love.

You celebrate the holidays in a minimalist style. You are likely to only give one great present and decorate your house with a few special items.

During the holidays, you feel magical. You love all of the decorations and how happy people are. You like to sit back and take it all in.

You think the holidays should be energetic and packed with activities. You'll double up on caffeine and sugar if that's what it takes to get you through them.

Your best holiday memories are warm and intimate. You remember special moments more than gifts or parties.

This is so true.


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Nov. 28th, 2007 04:03 am (UTC)
Yay Christmas decorations!! The tree looks loverly, darlin'!
Nov. 28th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
What a pretty tree! It looks wonderful!

Edited at 2007-11-28 01:37 pm (UTC)
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