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So have you been naughty or nice this year? Either way, if you'd like to get a holiday card this year, please make sure you comment with your address. And even if you think I already have your address comment anyways. Chances are I've lost it. And, as always, comments will be screened for protection.

I'm really looking forward to the holiday season this year. I'm debating whether or not to get a tree before the holidays or if I should wait until right after when they're all on sale. I have some of my childhood ornaments so what I might do is just buy a tabletop tree and maybe put that on the coffee table. I'll probably pick up some more ornaments/decorations. Target's got a set that's crimson and gold which are my favorite decorating colors. Very warm and inviting.

I got some other decorative stuff for the condo. I went to Target Friday night to pick up a home tool kit. How sad is it that we had absolutely no tools in the house? No hammer, no screwdriver, nothing. And seeing as how I needed at the very least a hammer, some nails and a screwdriver I decided to buy myself a tool kit. There's this pink one they've got online for Target but unfortunately it's not available in the stores. *pout* But I did find one that had a hammer, several different screwdrivers plus different bits, lots of different allen wrenchs, a tape measurer, and lots of other odds and ends. Now all I need is a tool belt and a hard hat.

I picked up a few other things while there as well. I finally got my painting "The Singing Butler" plus one other one by the same artist, "Elergy For A Dead Admiral". I had been torn between getting the first one in a larger size and having that hanging above the couch in the living room but that would have cost me anywhere between $200-300. These two are smaller, both will fit on the same wall, I have sconces I can hang either on the ends or in-between the two and they only cost $75 for both. I also picked up these two decorative pieces I've had my eye on. They're made out of clay I believe. One is a large platter in a kinda reddish/rust color. Very pretty. The other is a large bowl in a sort of moss green color. I'm not sure what the original price was but the sale price had been $25 the last time I'd seen them in the store. I'd been tempted, believe me, but ultimately decided that they were still just too expensive for me to buy both pieces. Well Friday night I saw them again and now they were on sale for $6-7 each. Yay!!! Those two will probably sit on the dining room table although that will mean that I'll have to find another place for my glass hurricane that's currently sitting there. I'm thinking I'll put that on top of the entertainment center. So now I've got some art pieces to hang and some other decorative touches to add throughout the house. I'll probably do that next weekend. There's also a new IKEA that's opening up this week and I might try to go by there next weekend as well. They've always got some great decorative touches as well that are fairly inexpensive.

Saturday I had to run over to the computer warehouse that Josh works at. I needed to get a new video card for the computer I bought recently from belicat and agnosticfont so that I could play my Lord of the Rings Online game. Whee!!! I haven't been able to play at home in forever! Thank goodness I can play it at work on my lunch break and after hours. Just one of the many reasons why my company kicks ass. *g* But now I get to geek out at home. Woohoo!! Good stuff. *g*

Saturday night we celebrated my brother Jeremy's 26th bday by going to Osaka, a japanese tapaneki restaurant. Andrea's family was there to celebrate as well. And it was just like being kids again with an adults table and a kids table. Hee! Our table was a lot noisier as we were supposed to be. And yet we all were members of the Clean Plate Club. *g* But I scored Mom's leftovers out of the deal so that rocked. I'd swear it was twice as yummy the next day.

Sunday morning I crashed belicat and agnosticfont's Sunday morning bowling outing. One of the local bowling alley's does $0.99 a game on Sunday mornings. I did so-so. I had one great game, got a 139, and then two so-so games. This Wednesday is the last night of the companys bowling league. *pouts* I've really gotten into bowling now and I'll miss it. I even got my own bowling shoes now. I'll take a picture of them Wednesday night and post it here so you all can see them. Eventually I'd like to get my own ball but that might be awhile still. They're not exactly cheap. :P

And that was my weekend. Nothing earth shattering but still very satisfying. I hope you all had a great weekend too.

Our network was down at work so this ended up being a lot longer than I originally intended it to be. *g* I kept copying and saving it in case something went screwy and I lost it all. I started this post at about 9:30 this morning and I'm now finally posting it at 1:00 p.m. *headdesk*