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Happy Halloween

Snagged this from cornerofmadness.

sarakat's Halloween party:

5551234 dressed as Mary Queen of Scots ... without her head. Most convincing.
aeire dressed as Lady Godiva without the horse and far too little hair!.
agnosticfont dressed as Harry Potter, and it suited them all too well.
ang25 dressed as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.
bashipforever dressed as a penguin.
bjlemonier dressed as your grandfather.
bratness dressed as Guy Fawkes but the exploding barrel of dynamite didn't go down too well.
caseofme dressed as a very fake witch-doctor complete with a collection of shrunken skulls.
catharris dressed as Benjamin Harrison.
cdn_tvaddict dressed as a pitcher for the Cardinals, though it looked more like Jack the Ripper in a time machine, complete with gory knives.
chanceofrainne dressed as a calculation.
claudzilla dressed as Dan Quayle.
cornerofmadness dressed as Elizabeth Regina on steroids and roller skates.
dawntheif dressed as Captain Kirk from "Star Trek".
dorwrath dressed as Elmer Fudd, though it looked more like a new superhero: Sub-- Hillbilly.
druinsanity dressed as Jennifer Aniston.
echo_of_my_soul didn't dress up, spoilsport.
ellocina dressed as the love child of Howard Stern and Connie Chung.
emailgirl dressed as Josephine Baker but the banana "skirt" didn't survive the night, though it looked more like a medium god.
entrenous88 didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
entropic_system dressed as Ichabod Crane, the schoolmaster from Sleepy Hollow, though it looked more like a pitcher for the Cubs.
escritoireazul forgot to put on clothes!
ferntree dressed as a bruise.
findingmeg dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Melba.
gwenster dressed as a plain orchestra.
huckleberrybud dressed as the main character of "In the Heat of the Night".
impatient2477 dressed as Claudia Schiffer's father.
ishtaritu dressed as Sigfried in need of testosterone.
jadedcynic dressed as a monster from a Super Mario game.
jetpack_monkey didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
jim_ghote dressed as Jack the Ripper in a time machine, complete with gory knives.
johnmill79 dressed as a 1970's disco child.
karenjanee dressed as Harry S Truman.
katndhat33 dressed as Sybil - except that Sybil didn't show but the other 34 personalities did.
ladyofbrileith dressed as a hedgehog.
lanky_writing dressed as the resurrected dead -- complete with the most convincing coffin.
lwbush dressed as a quarterback for the Seahawks.
lynn dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Friendly Ambassador.
mara_sho dressed as a Care Bear.
marenfic dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Union of the Crystal, though it looked more like Jack the Ripper in a time machine, complete with gory knives.
metalkreature dressed as the Marquis of Favinoate.
mgabe dressed as Mde. Lachienne Foutue d'Enfer -- you don't wanna know.
mickasso dressed as a computer.
misscpants dressed as Pavlova the ballerina -- dancing on point too.
msanborn dressed as Optimus Prime, and it suited them disturbingly well.
princesskiya dressed as a Level 3 barbarian.
princessrex dressed as Marilyn Manson.
psyche1701 dressed as Osama bin Laden.
quizgalaxy dressed as something slippery, but what, specifically, you can't tell, though it looked more like Dr. Crusher from "Star Trek".
rwarner dressed as the Lord of WhiteVillage.
selinaenriquez dressed as Denise Richards riding a chicken.
shadowweasle dressed as Nosferatu the Supreme Vampire.
sinisterscorpio dressed as a new superhero: Ambush Ranger.
softrock_star dressed as a latex angel.
southernbangel dressed as Jennifer Love Hewitt.
stop_no_dont dressed as the President of Romania.
theframmitbites dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
theresaboo dressed as a Hostetter & GallaherCorp. employee.
thirdstringpal dressed as the Rich Power Ranger.
this_years_gurl dressed as Helga the wisewoman, although the live snake was a mistake.
tinpanalley dressed as Marie Antoinette going to her death, though it looked more like Camilla Parker-Bowles when she becomes Queen.
tracing_circles dressed as Camilla Parker-Bowles when she becomes Queen.
twistedxgarden dressed as the Governor of North Dakota.
va_tx_ky dressed as Adam-the-first-man but the fig-leaf was far too big, and it suited them disturbingly well.
vbreb2k dressed as a bottle of Bonglucosetum.
veggiebelle dressed as the Vicomte des Boules-Velues.
xavierm dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Fluffy Gorillalips".

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created by sigma7: More info here.


Oct. 31st, 2007 05:28 pm (UTC)

Yikes! A French woman and English woman in one and neither one liked much by her subjects!